A New Approach to an Old Problem- Racism

There is a lot of hatred in this world. I’m reading all the social media comments as it relates to Donald Trump’s political campaign and it is filled with venom and hatred. By preaching sheer hatred like this, you are only adding fuel to the fires that burn in a world already filled with hatred and violence.

Most of us are waiting for the world to come together in peace. I personally thought we (U.S.A) were moving closer in that direction when Barack Obama was elected president for two terms. We may never reach that and it may seem like a farfetched dream, but together we must find the means. We must create a safe and secure environment for our children and our children’s children.

Racism is a difficult subject to tackle and in order to form a culture free of such racism, we must begin with education. If you don’t want your children to grow up in a word of hatred, teach them tolerance toward race, religion, color, and sexual orientation. We must expose racism and bigotry for what they are.

It is important to understand what racism is. Wikipedia describes racism as “Historically, it has been defined as the belief that race is the primary determinant of human capacities that a certain race is inherently superior or inferior to others, and/or that individuals should be treated differently according to their racial designation. Sometimes racism means beliefs, practices, and institutions that discriminate against people based on their perceived or ascribed race.”

Racism is based on ignorance, stereotyping and learned hatred. Many people accept that we live in a diverse society today and we appreciate different cultures. However, there are still large segments of society that won’t accept human capacities are not determined by race.

There is no doubt in my mind that we need to find a healthy solution to end racism. It is important to understand the nature of racism and intolerance. Together we can end prejudice. Our fight against racism cannot be won while there are attitudes like the one displayed by Trump and his supporters. Such behavior is unacceptable.

Racism is not an issue that will be easily resolved, and the sooner that we begin to work together the sooner we’ll come to a solution. There is a history of racism that cannot be undone but we can look to the future and make positive changes in how society views those of different ethnic backgrounds.

Teaching Your Leaders How to Lead

One of the biggest mistakes a leader can make is not giving their up and coming leaders enough opportunity to take on leadership responsibilities. Sometimes it’s from a feeling of not wanting to “give something up”. Sometimes it’s from not wanting to take the time to do some training. Whatever the reason, it’s bad for both the current and upcoming leaders. Here are a few ways that leaders can teach and encourage new leaders to lead:

  1. Meetings – Have new leaders take on small roles at team meetings. As time progresses and you see them gain more confidence; increase it to more larger roles with direct responsibility.
  2. Team Calls – As you are making coaching or team calls, start by having your new leaders listen in. Schedule a time for them to host the call and have them develop a meeting agenda and purpose. You listen in. Have an after action session with them to review their performance. Quickly repeat this process.
  3. Newsletters – Create team newsletters to recognize your team and their accomplishments. Allow your leaders at all levels to contribute by writing featured articles. It’s a great way to build their credibility and confidence while having their name recognized and exposed to the team.
  4. Conflict – This is one of the most challenging areas when it comes to leadership. When there is conflict within a team, it is hard for a new team leader to know how to handle it. Offer to be on a call with all the parties involved. Hear all sides. Then let everyone know they need to think about it and you’ll have another call tomorrow. Call your new leader and ask how they would handle the situation based on the call. Run through different scenarios and give your insights based on experience. If comfortable, let him/her handle the conflict resolution call, with you listening in.

Each opportunity that you give your leaders to lead increases their confidence and abilities. Once they are leading their team, it gives you the opportunity to develop a new leader. Never be afraid of handing over the reins to a new leader…it’s good for both of you!


Our sons are our future. As parents, we try our best to keep them on the right track and keep them focused so they can grow into successful, Godly men. But sometimes we need help keeping them focused on that goal. If you’re feeling lost or just looking for a little inspiration for helping your son become a man, take a moment to read the poem below:

What is a father who won’t tell the truth?
A foundation that won’t hold the roof.
What is a son who won’t
take heed?
A man surely to find himself in need.
It was just the other day,
All you did was play
And I never thought
Your love could be bought.
My son, I love you
My son, I need you
When I see you, I see me.
I like, I love, the possibilities.
But son, you’re a man now.
And I hope you realize,
I didn’t have all the answers
I just couldn’t tell you lies.
From the crib, to my knees
You always tried to please.
Now we stand eye to eye
And I’ve seen the years go bye
My son, I love you
My son, I need you
When I see you, I see me.
I like, I love, the possibilities.
Possibilities, Possibilities
What does it mean to me?
No drugs, No gangs
Be true to me.
Possibilities, Possibilities
What does it mean to me?
School, Homework,
A future you will see.

5 Ways to the Promised Land

These are five ways to get to the Promised Land.


From its title “Steps to the Promised Land”, one would initially think this is a religious book. In some ways it is because it focuses on encouragement, priorities, survival and action. Isn’t that what religion should do?

One keen observation I had while growing up was that at every family gathering the adults usually ended up discussing how to make things better. Most times it ended with everyone talking over everyone else, tempers getting raised and being really funny.

What’s important was that the conversation took place. It showed a deep, burning desire to improve personal and community outcomes, as well as community empowerment.

Steps to the Promised Land” provides the answers, wisdom and gold nuggets I harvested after filtering those conversations.


This is what we have to do!


  1. Develop a mission attitude:  All this means is we have to develop a purpose and commit to it. This is our foundation step.
  1. Work:  Once we commit to what we want; work is defined as how much force can we apply to move an object. In other words, how much focused energy can we create in the community for improved outcomes?
  1. Job creation:  A professor once told me that the greatest social program ever invented was a job or career. This can be addressed immediately this election cycle. But, we have to put it on the table.
  1. Change laws:  The legal system is strangling the community with laws, although well-intended, that have a detrimental impact on the positive growth of young people. Again, it can and must be addressed this election cycle.
  1. Reduce violence: The effect of violence is having an immeasurable impact in the community and nation. This is the most complicated step, because it straddles all the other steps and because it is driven by fear, money and personal behavior. But, with a mission attitude, we can do it.

Now, don’t you want to read this book?