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How to Develop Your Own Personal Mission Statement

How to Develop Your Own Personal Mission Statement

Your personal development and motivation is the key to a successful and happy life. If you want to feel fulfilled from day to day then you need to know what makes you tick and how to get it. You need to be able to meet your goals and even exceed them and with a personal mission statement, you will be that much closer to being in the position to do so.  Mission statements are a great way to make it known to yourself and others just where you want to be and what your goals really are. When you know your goal, you can be constantly working towards them. If you simply bumble through life, you will not stay on course with the same amount of steady ease. Everyone can benefit from a mission statement and if you want to get where you are going you will start writing your own today.

Why a Mission Statement

Your personal mission statement is not only about getting what you want out of work or the people around you, it is also about giving back to the world and your loved ones. Do you have a mission for your family and community?  This mission statement will help you to find out just where you stand in the world and help you to find out just what you should be doing for those around you. If you know that there is more that you could be doing for the entire world then this will help you to realize those dreams as well.

Your personal mission statement will help you to evolve into the person that you have always dreamed of becoming. If you are sick and tired of being the kind of person who simply lets things happen to them then a mission statement is for you. You will become a person to reckon with, a powerhouse of determination and skill. This statement is going to change your entire life for the better and it will begin to do so immediately. As soon as you take the step to start writing, it you are going to begin to grow and evolve in ways that you ever thought that you could.

How to Write a Mission Statement

Start with just a simple pen and paper. Sit down and write about the person that you are today. Do you like yourself? Do you think that there are areas in your personal life that you could improve? Write about it and write how you are going to change for the better and how you are going to do it. Focus also on your strengths and your abilities. Write how you want to change and in what areas of your life as well as about the goals that you want to see yourself meet over time. Which goals are short-term ones and which are long terms goals. Write down all of the personal things that you want to see happen and change in your life and you will change from that day forward.

Sample Mission Statement

 My mission is to stop the school to prison pipeline in the African-American community and make sure education is provided to all who seek it. My mission is to reduce violence and murder by 75% in our communities and to make families whole again.  

In the book and DVD, Steps to the Promised Land , I talk about how important it is for us to have a mission for our community, family and personal life. I hope this articles inspires you to sit down and write your mission statement. Need a speaker at your next event? Book Gregg Riley www.greggriley.com.