About Fatherhood

“The greatest gift I ever had came from God, and I call him Dad!”

How does one become a good father? What are the yardsticks by which we measure the goodness of a father?

This is a subject for discussion and application of thought. Who is the final judge about the goodness of the father? The mother? The children? Society? What qualities should a man possess to be called a good father? These questions generate a bigger debate.

Can a mother judge her husband about his goodness as a father? That judgment can depend on so many probabilities. What are her yardsticks? How was her father? What are her beliefs? Do these beliefs match those of her husband? How much does she love her husband and her children? If it comes to taking sides, whose side will she take? Will it be a well thought-out decision or one colored by many other factors?

Can the father judge his own goodness? What may be correct according to him, may be wrong according to her children? The man carries his psychological baggage and many times may be prejudging and expecting responses. Generation gap plays a bigger role. As the world progresses, priorities, tastes, values, everything undergoes change. Therefore a man himself cannot pronounce himself as a good father. Children will contest that, if he does not accept their beliefs. Which child will call his father a good father, if the father has different ideas about partying, relationships, studies, etc.

Can the children judge their father? The children surely wish for a father who not only agrees with their ideas, but supports them in all possible ways in enjoying life. What is to be thought about fatherhood and how does one become a good father? The best way, might be to accept the generation gap, listen to children before giving orders, have a fair debate on all important issues, and tell children exactly about values that will decide the final action. After doing all this, one should simply do one’s duty, do the best of his abilities and leave the rest to prayers. And before attempting to become a good father, one should first become a good man.
“One night a father overheard his son pray: Dear God, make me the kind of man my Daddy is. Later that night, the father prayed, Dear God, make me the kind of man my son wants me to be.” – Anonymous

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The Power of Taking Action

This is something I think we all probably neglect. We all have good intentions and want our business or career to succeed, but we all tend to find an excuse for not doing what we should, when we should.  I am as guilty of this as anyone.  Remember, there is no such thing in business as “LUCK”.  All of the really “lucky” people I have met were successful in their business or career because they took action, not because they were lucky.  In other words, the more they worked, the more “luck” came their way. Said another way, “you have to be in motion”. Have you ever noticed in football how more successful plays are made when the offense puts a player in motion? That is because more energy is created at the point of attach; and more energy equals more opportunity.

The Power of Taking Action is undoubtedly an extremely important part of realizing and utilizing the unlimited potential that has been made available to you. In the center of every being, whatever its form, the power of taking action is present.  Joy is an emotion by which the body’s power of taking action is increased or assisted. Make joy an integral part of your everyday life. Take a few minutes each day to do something that you really enjoy doing. See the tremendous difference it makes in your ability to take action on the things you must do.

The vision of a “golden life” varies with each person. How essentially simple life is, and how we complicate it. Have you ever wondered how to make major changes in your life? Action assumes importance as you contemplate making changes. Most of what you have encountered in your life, so far, is the result of your beliefs. There are two great blessings in man’s life, thoughts and action. To change your life you must start by changing your habits of thought. “Impossible” and “can’t” must be removed from your thought processes. Science has proven that when you think you can do something that your mind will find a way to do it. Once the mind has found a way to accomplish what you desire, then action is required. Where there is action, there is life and creation. One of the turning points in your life will be when you discover the power of taking action, your power of action. Life has an amazing way of working out when you choose not to give up, but to harness your power of taking action.

Do you want to have a wildly successful business or career? For maximum effectiveness in life, love or business, it helps to have the right habits. Wisdom with the power of action is the true secret to success. One of the laws of success is that the universe rewards those who take action. Action is the foundation of success. You are programming yourself for greatness and success when you take action on your goals and ideas. Acting on your goals will bring success into YOUR life. There can be no success without it.

Awaken your potential knowing that the power of taking action is within you. The power of taking action is just like dropping a stone into a pond. The ripples continue outward affecting everything around you. Education is great. Knowledge is great. Experience is great. Planning is great. Ideas are great. But the power of action is gigantic. Without it the rest is useless. You must take action to get what you want.

Gregg Riley is a retired US Army Colonel who motivates people with his speeches on leadership and performance management. He authored a book called, Steps to the Promised Land which provides a message of equality and community empowerment. Learn more about Colonel Gregg Riley.