Keep On Track with a Vision Statement

What is a Vision Statement? It isn’t the vision or dream you have occasionally about the car or house or lifestyle you want to have. It is not part of your “wish” list that says; someday I would like to have, “_____”.  Psychologically you live in the present; you look at what you have, what you do and who you are in the “present” not in the future. You get up each morning and see where you live, what you drive, where you work and what you do each day and every week as it is right now.

To take advantage of your Dreams to Achieve Your True Worth you need to start seeing your life as it will be as you start living in your True Worth, your new lifestyle. However, how do you do this since you only see your life in its present tense? How do you use the power of your mind and start moving into the “YOU” you deserve to be?  The answer is to create your own personal “Vision Statement”. This statement is a statement of your new lifestyle, the things you deserve, such as the house, the car, the ability to assist others, the trips, the vacations, etc. Everything in this statement is in the present tense as if you already have them and are living them. Here is where your Dreams become present tense and active because you are living it TODAY and it is awesome.

“The surround sound system fills the interior of my _______ (type of vehicle) as I am driving back from the airport. My trip to ___________ was just as I had imagined it would be. After spending, that time on an airplane the smell of new leather in my _____________ is so refreshing. Just ahead, I see my two story home that some of my friends call my mansion in the middle of nowhere. It is surrounded by trees and the lush lawn just begs to be walked on with your bare feet…”

Embellish as much as possible with all the details of your new life. Describe in minute detail the exterior and landscaping of your home.  Describe the rooms and what is in each of them. Your daily routine as it will be and the things you plan to do next, (i.e. Trips, Vacations, visiting, learning, etc.) just everything you have ever dreamed of doing.

The greater the detail the easier it is for it to become part of you. The more you read it the more your posture and self-assurance will improve. As these improve your attitude will improve because you are becoming your Vision, you are the person that has and does all of these things because in your subconscious you are creating the You that you have always Deserved to be. Your self-confidence will increase and come to the top and you will feel so much better about yourself and your ability to improve your lifestyle.

Reading your Vision Statement every day is one way to begin this life enhancing experience.  What works even better is to record your Vision Statement so that you can listen to it at least once a day. Studies have shown that there are two voices that have the most profound influence upon someone’s life, your mother’s voice or your own voice.

Day after day of hearing your vision your subconscious will start believing and as it starts believing so do you. That starts the process and keeps things moving in your life towards your new direction. This replaces the negative self-talk you might be doing. Any time something negative comes up in your mind (self-talk) your daily listening to or reading of your Vision Statement will eventually replace it with positive self-talk. This might sound awkward to some, but it has had outstanding results for those that have committed and followed through with Visions, their goals and their action plans. When do you feel it is time to write your vision statement and start hearing your new life every day? No time like the present. Start Today!

The Power of Taking Action

This is something I think we all probably neglect. We all have good intentions and want our business or career to succeed, but we all tend to find an excuse for not doing what we should, when we should.  I am as guilty of this as anyone.  Remember, there is no such thing in business as “LUCK”.  All of the really “lucky” people I have met were successful in their business or career because they took action, not because they were lucky.  In other words, the more they worked, the more “luck” came their way. Said another way, “you have to be in motion”. Have you ever noticed in football how more successful plays are made when the offense puts a player in motion? That is because more energy is created at the point of attach; and more energy equals more opportunity.

The Power of Taking Action is undoubtedly an extremely important part of realizing and utilizing the unlimited potential that has been made available to you. In the center of every being, whatever its form, the power of taking action is present.  Joy is an emotion by which the body’s power of taking action is increased or assisted. Make joy an integral part of your everyday life. Take a few minutes each day to do something that you really enjoy doing. See the tremendous difference it makes in your ability to take action on the things you must do.

The vision of a “golden life” varies with each person. How essentially simple life is, and how we complicate it. Have you ever wondered how to make major changes in your life? Action assumes importance as you contemplate making changes. Most of what you have encountered in your life, so far, is the result of your beliefs. There are two great blessings in man’s life, thoughts and action. To change your life you must start by changing your habits of thought. “Impossible” and “can’t” must be removed from your thought processes. Science has proven that when you think you can do something that your mind will find a way to do it. Once the mind has found a way to accomplish what you desire, then action is required. Where there is action, there is life and creation. One of the turning points in your life will be when you discover the power of taking action, your power of action. Life has an amazing way of working out when you choose not to give up, but to harness your power of taking action.

Do you want to have a wildly successful business or career? For maximum effectiveness in life, love or business, it helps to have the right habits. Wisdom with the power of action is the true secret to success. One of the laws of success is that the universe rewards those who take action. Action is the foundation of success. You are programming yourself for greatness and success when you take action on your goals and ideas. Acting on your goals will bring success into YOUR life. There can be no success without it.

Awaken your potential knowing that the power of taking action is within you. The power of taking action is just like dropping a stone into a pond. The ripples continue outward affecting everything around you. Education is great. Knowledge is great. Experience is great. Planning is great. Ideas are great. But the power of action is gigantic. Without it the rest is useless. You must take action to get what you want.

Gregg Riley is a retired US Army Colonel who motivates people with his speeches on leadership and performance management. He authored a book called, Steps to the Promised Land which provides a message of equality and community empowerment. Learn more about Colonel Gregg Riley.